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With the hectic schedules of modern life, we have totally forgotten the old technologies and secrets used back then by our forefathers to survive and thrive through adverse conditions. Our ancestors had their own ways of surviving famines, wars, diseases, droughts, among other calamities thrown at them.

Today, we may consider ourselves somehow safe from all these unfortunate happenings but we can't take anything for granted.

Fortunately, we have The-Lost-Ways, a perfect guide for you to demonstrate how to survive and thrive in harsh and adverse conditions.




This book is written by Claude Davis. Davis came to America with his grandfather just before World-War II, and then started a small farm in Texas. But before that, his grandfather survived a horrific famine when he (grandfather) was only 12, and still living in Ukraine. The author read personal journals that his neighbors as well as his grandfather had written during the famine and as such, he came to know about the techniques and ways to survive in insanely adverse conditions.

This inspired him to come up with an easy to understand, compelling and insightful guide that could make those forgotten and lost techniques accessible to all of us living in the modern world. True to his teachings, Davis himself is living in a self-built cabin with his wife and two children. They cook their own food on fire in an open in his home, where he also rears cows and chicken.






There are three options to choose from -- Digital Product, the Physical Product and then there’s both the Digital & Physical Products.

The-Lost-Ways is a complete and comprehensive guide that provides you with a great collection of old useful techniques that can effectively help you in case of disaster or even in cracking tiny daily life problems. You’ll learn how to help others in their day to-day-life.
Once you are done going through it, you will surely find this 350-page book invaluable.
The survival skills explained in the program are very useful even in present times. There are a lot of inexpensive methods prescribed for different challenges in this book, for example; how to preserve food and spices, how to remain in touch with your loved ones in the event of calamities, how to reduce cost through sustainable food and drug maintenance, to mention but a few.

Once you get your copy, you will be opening yourself to a lot of useful information. The guide covers everything under three main areas:

1. Be Ready and Stay Prepared: As it is rightly said: prevention is always better than cure. So, your first line of defense in the event of disasters or misfortunes is to remain prepared. Being prepared is commonly termed as half the job done when it comes to facing adverse situations. This valuable book provides you with a perfect guide on how to stay prepared for any inevitable situation like war, diseases, natural calamity, etc.

2. Proactive Measures: No matter how established we are or how safe and secured our future looks like, there often comes situations in our lives when we teeter on verge of losing everything. And at that time, we are often unable to understand what steps to take to see us through such trying times. But thankfully, this program will provide you with a practical guide on how to take proactive measures in order to minimize losses.

3. Self-Protection Skills: There comes a time in the course of our existence that we cannot rely on anyone for our own protection as we never know when they can let us down and leave us to our own devices. This is why much of the content in this guide contains much information on how to survive the aftermath of any sudden disaster. The guide will enlighten you on the proper methods of storing water and food that last for months or even years without any refrigeration. It’ll also provide information on how to use herbs and other natural ingredients to heal wounds and infections.

These are the broad areas that are covered in the guide and as you can see, the information contained in each section forms a basis of our survival these days. The following are some more interesting facts you will learn from the guide.

What can be done when you run out of modern equipment.


How to prepare delicious food by use of different natural ingredients and preserving it for long times when you are short of modern technologies such as a refrigerator and industrial preservatives.

How to ensure the purity and safety of potable water for days.

How to create animal traps during winter that are foolproof.

The techniques with the aid of which Native Americans used to build spacious underground houses, and how to apply them in your modern situation.



Along with the main book, you also get three bonuses totally free of cost:

1. What-Every-Survivalist-Should-Grow-in-His-Backyard: This is a complete guide on how to plant and grow the most useful and nutritious plants by your own, without any expert assistance.

2. Step-by-Step-Guide-to-Build-Your-Own-Can-Rotation-System: Of course, this guide contains simple yet practical guidelines that will prove to be money-saving in the long run.

3. How-to-Outlive-an-EMP-the-Early-Pioneer-Way



❏ Available in both, printed as well as digital versions. This way, you get the advantage of choosing any one according to your convenience, or you can even go for both.

❏ Whatever you learn from this guide has a wide application that will prove valuable in various life’s situations.

❏ Comes with a 60-days 100% money-back guarantee. In case you aren’t satisfied with the product [though there are very slim chances you will], you can return it within 60 days.

❏ The skills are well-proven as our forefathers used them for thousands of years and worked for them in every possible way.

❏ The Bonuses included with the book are invaluable. These books also contain life-changing information in them, and will serve to widen your scope and understanding of the entire survivalist concept.



❏ The book is quite lengthy that it needs several months to go through and understand all the information mentioned inside.

❏ There are no audio or video tutorials provided with the program.

❏ Many recipes do not have pictorial illustrations, which can seem a little boring.



Overall, The Lost Ways, guide by Claude Davis is a detailed masterpiece that provides plenty of useful information to our modern-day calamitous situations.

Even better, all the tips explained in this guide were either used by our forefathers to get by or have been backed by recent scientific research, adding some credibility to the effectiveness of the guide.

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